Employment Law FAQs

What do you like most about your employment law practice?

We believe that the practice of employment law has the most significant impact on hardworking, San Diego-area residents. We want to help them overcome the odds they face when their employers are denying them the pay that they are owed, creating hostile work environments, or wrongfully terminating them.

What type of employment law cases does your firm handle?

We take on all types of cases, including wage theft (overtime and misclassification), wrongful termination, retaliation for whistleblowing, discrimination and sexual harassment.

How does your employment law firm stand out over others?

Our lawyers are not only skilled and experienced in employment law, they are also sympathetic to the challenges injured workers face. Throughout their respective careers, they have spent time getting to know their clients, listening to their first-hand accounts on how employers have victimized them.

What type of clients has your firm represented?

We have represented Californians with various injuries and from all walks of life. While specific cases involving accidents, wage theft and whistleblowing have unique elements, all workers share the same concern. They want to hold their employers accountable without fear of losing their job or being denied the compensation they are entitled to under the law.

Employment Law Attorneys Committed To Your Best Interests

We make ourselves available to you during regular business hours and on evenings and weekends (via text or a phone call). For a free initial consultation, we can be reached at 619-432-2520 or via email.

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