Representation of Unions

NLRB, PERB, & Labor Arbitration: You know what your members need. We can help to make those needs a reality by providing you with the best advice on how to avoid legal pitfalls while you are empowering your members through organizing drives, boycotts, strike campaigns, and contract negotiations. The Law Office of Hewgill, Cobb and Lockard can provide the best representation in the NLRB, or PERB to apply labor law offensively and to stop unfair labor practices on the part of employers. Our attorneys can also represent union members in grievances to enforce their rights under collective bargaining agreements.

Wage and Hour Actions in the Context of Union Organizing: Violations of wage and hour law (otherwise known as wage theft) is rampant in service industry jobs. Bad employers in these industries can be held accountable and prosecuted using legal action to combat wage theft. Our attorneys at The Law Office of Hewgill, Cobb and Lockard have experience in representing workers in wage and hour disputes, including, representation during union organizing drives. Prosecuting employers during a union drive can change the psychology of a workplace by empowering workers to assert their rights, showing that they are protected by the law in doing so and filing wage claims to provide workers an extra layer of protection against retaliation from their employer. Finally, in some circumstances, wage theft actions can apply serious financial pressure on bad employers.

Strategic Research: Research is absolutely necessary when seeking to win a campaign. Whether it be a political campaign to obtain a publicly elected seat, or a union organizing campaign to help achieve workplace worker-power, the right research can help you focus your limited resources and target objectives with greater success. Whether you need to identify a particular group of voters or obtain financial records for corporate employer investors, it will be the research that helps you find the right path forward. Our attorneys at The Law Office of Hewgill, Cobb and Lockard have experience in research during both political campaigns for progressive leadership and campaigns around union organizing drives. Let us use our experience to help you win your election or organizing drive.


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